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Space Wormhole Future

What’s new16May 23 at 6:03pm Wormhole, Time Travel, Space by TJ Morris Portal Stargate the Beginning 2019-2020   Theresa J Morris is now sharing her story in 2019 of her Time Travel Project. Please join ACO Association, Allied Command Organization, Alien Contact Org, UFO Association, or UFO Secret Space Command. […]

Public Speaking Paranormally

This is a daunting task that I want to share. Speaking in public about paranormal topics is part of what we do in our ACO Club. We who have learned to co-create as entrepreneurs share social media in cyberspace. Personally, I began as a writer after sharing weekly newspaper articles. […]

Who we are in 2019

We are the people who share our truth and have learned about each other. We share our ACO Association and our UFO Association of friends who have shared their own personal life stories on TJ Morris ET Radio Shows. We share our views and opinions of who we are, and […]

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American Communications Online is launching a new application called ACOClub.APP and will have the ACO Association as Administrator.

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