This is a daunting task that I want to share. Speaking in public about paranormal topics is part of what we do in our ACO Club.

We who have learned to co-create as entrepreneurs share social media in cyberspace.

Personally, I began as a writer after sharing weekly newspaper articles. I had a career as an investigator, with military training. I then became an over the road truck driver after answering the call of a government job.

The over the road job came after I was in and out of country in the 80’s and 90’s. I received my commercial driver’s license in 1994 and chose not to renew it in 2005 when my husband became ill and we had 10 years together until his death December 2, 2015.

I then went to Chicago, Illinois to assist someone in our ACO Association with an international global pyramid conference and I interviewed some of the speakers on my radio show.

I then became a moderator of a paranormal panel and speaker at the which is an annual science fiction and fantasy and paranormal conference. I enjoyed being shared in the 2016 program and this was my first real speaking engagement at a conference. I had been a speaker of eco environmental products at the ECO EXPO in 1993 in Los Angeles, California but was asked to speak once I was a vendor there for my cork products.

I was always more interested in the Whole Life Expo and how we would change the future.

I had been a writer for a Canadian publisher in 2007 and I enjoyed writing about ufo digest stories until I began my own radio show in 2012.

Now, I have a decision to make my books and websites known along with my radio shows. I share friends in social media like most do on Facebook. I am an avid blogger on wordpress and actually use goDaddy as a domain and web hosting 3rd party. I learned I liked to do more graphics and was better for me to spend time learning about other artists who had a better command of the computer graphics department.

My history as an entrepreneur included the first Ascension Center and Psychic Network in Oahu and Maui, Hawaii. Dr. Alexander Lessin, Phd, and his wife Janet Lessin now share that energy of the Ascension Age anthropology and folklife with our ancient culture origin topics. We three finally met in person in Mobile, Alabama in May, 2017. Ken Johnston Sr. was also a new member of our ACO Association. We began sharing UFO Association topics in our radio shows. We have found that people like the paranormal topics and learning about exopolitics, and disclosure of the UFO phenomenon or Unidentified Anamalous Phenomena also known as UAP. We now share alienology, cosmology, esoterics, metaphysics, phenomenology, spiritual science, technology, and weird science also known as quantum physics. The fact that consciousness is still a real mystery along with the after life and soul is part of our research with parapsychology and extra sensory perception and the sixth sense.

I founded the ACE Folklife Association in 2003 and I missed my mother and husband and the stories we enjoyed sharing with others in Kentucky, USA. Being called an Experiencer was new to many in art fairs we sponsored. We learned that folklife was actually categorized under anthropology at the University of Kentucky.

We really had no academic studies for alienology, phenomenology, and ufology and barely can classify metaphysics as topics not considered a science but a pseudo science which is ancient ways of thinking in the 21st century. The human brain, consciousness, and the origins of human kind as a species is still not known as a fact or truth that is falsafiable.

Falsifiability is the capacity for some proposition, statement, theory or hypothesis to be proven wrong. That capacity is an essential component of the scientific method and hypothesis testing. In a scientific context, falsifiability is sometimes considered synonymous with testability.

Some of our friends wanted to combine our pop culture with our bluegrass events but that did not seem to work.

We learned that many of the various cultures and life styles were understanding of each others hobbies but they did not want to mingle the profits and non-profits for event fund raisers. This apparently is why we are having so many events with various main themes like, Comicon, and UFOcon, and PARAcon. We now share PortalStargate.con and Stargatecon. We have various health and wellness and now integrative medicines and A.I. Cyberspace meet up groups. So paranormal and psychic fairs sharing the UFO and ET Disclosure as a track or category is somewhat new or outside the paranormal track.

UFO Conferences were one mainly held by only MUFON but not only that one nonprofit organization any longer. The paranormal, ufology, alienology, and phenomenology along with consciousness conferences and the interest in cosmology is now becoming known in the Ascension Age, meaning post December 21, 2012.

The friends I began meeting were all into the paranormal network and were sharing topics of alienology, cosmology, phenomenology, and basic paranormal topics which we now see on television reality shows.

The Roswell UFO Encounters were part of my prior investigations and learning the history of how we shared phenomena and weird paranormal topics. This became fun and a hobby which allowed me to interview people who attended various conferences as speakers.

The books I shared were mainly stories which I learned about based on truth but written for educational entertainment as a soft disclosure all the time recognizing we are all the author’s of our own life story.

The fact that I had out of body and near death experiences which made me more curious about life and the original creators of life only fueled the fire for adding the word researcher to my life tag words. I felt that I was more than a blogger on the topic and wanted to know more about people who called themselves metaphysicians and were into the healing arts.

This all lead me to want to have my own club of friends who were entrepreneurs and independent contractors. We all more or less were already into our own spiritual science community.

This has lead me to become known in the Alien ET UFO Community and also to be known as one who can talk about the paranormal with an unbiased way of learning about people and how our consciousness is all connected.

I now want to add that my future in 2019 is also one who is curious about others and what they know or want to believe in with regards on our ancient past and our future. Knowing what we all want to share in the overall critical mass mind as travelers in this universe seems to motivate me. I have a passion for learning about people and what they hold close as a shared understanding about our interest in that which we call mysteries.

If you would like to join me in sharing your story regarding people and our super natural abilities to all have super powers, gifts, the beyond, and space travel then contact me. I am not sure we are all interested in photons and artificial intelligence but the topics intrigue me and friends of mine which know of me and my quest for the truth which changes daily.

Join me and journal your truth and what truth is seeking you! I have formed the American Communications Online Community of Truthseekers. This involves people who want to be synergistically involved in cyberspace. Also, we will have a monthly meeting and weekly radio shows. We are looking for journalists who can share an article or two in our various journals.

I know friends who have been on my radio show who modeled my epublishing, websites, and social media which made more events which was the goal. We as entrepreneurs have shared open source information and now pay for our own overhead as individual entrepreneurs. We hope to promote our causes. Most are simply sharing educational entertainment in hopes that we are sharing our passion in co-creations and sharing our own common interests in our groups and projects.

This of course is assisting all the free open sourced socia media which lends to sharing free open content on Facebook and Google pages. Google owns and we are all now able to become known to each other at least if we own a smart phone with a video and camera.

We are all doing selfies and posting our daily logs which was what we are all being programmed to do. So, it’s a win for the ones who make money as stockholders. Think about the starving artists and writers who do not get paid and most of our administrators are volunteers. We are not sure how to get our bills paid these days but our hobbies in cyberspace keep us entertained.

Now our television shows and movies are available as apps on our smart phones. We share our podcasts and news is becoming available 24 hours a day. What to believe is still up to each individual and discernment has been allowed to accept or deny what one chooses to believe as long as it does not break the known laws.

What we cherish as privacy may change. We all need to begin communication of that which we want to know will be accepted as tomorrow’s future in todays’ cyberspace community.

Will alienology, cosmology, phenomenology, and ufology become a part of tomorrow’s consciousness? Will we finally begin traveling in space as civilians? Who will become space travelers and who will run the planet? These are the questions we now will learn are important. Who will go and who will be left behind? If you could leave the planet tomorrow would you?

Oh. I should add pyramidology and theology which to some is also part of archaeology and anthropology. We cover ancient cultures origins in our website shares and peer review journals. We also share for Educational Research Association Community Online Press. Also, for our authors we have and So many ways to share our members contributions as articles and book authors. Not to mention our speakers and our webinars which assist us in knowing those we can trust. Knowing people we can trust to share the truth means the difference in information gathering and research or data gathering.

We also are aware of disinformation and misinformation in the internet and word wide web. We suggest cyberspace and algorithms are the future!

Algorithm – Wikipedia

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ ( listen)) is an unambiguous specification of how to solve a class of problems. Algorithms can perform calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning tasks.

How we differentiate from the future of the artificial intelligence and the overall critical mass intelligence and our own data input and the inperfections as “TRASH IN AND TRASH OUT” is a problem no one speaks about! It is the elephant in the room and in all media outlets. Fact gathering by real investigative reporters and journalists and not readers of teleprompters or talking head politicians is now a real concern!

I am speaking at the 2019 New Horizon’s Psychic and Healing Arts Fair at the Navarre Conference Center. I speak at Noon. I am asking my daughters to attend and maybe speak with me. I hope it goes well. I have no idea what to expect but I have been asked to speak on UFOS and ET Disclosure. My daughters have had sightings with me but do not feel this qualifies them as speakers. Ginger Parrish Bowers my youngest did write a book called Intrinsic Realities and she is a writer and researcher. She is also an artist. Angela Dawn Parrish Cook is in hospitality and works at the venue location so I have asked her to attend my 1 hour speaking engagement Saturday, January 12, 2019. So, I am not sure how this will be accepted by my daughters but hope they will be introduced to my work and my world of the paranormal.

Let me know what you write about and your research entails. We may want to interview you on our radio shows. Contact me Theresa J Morris at


American Communications Online is ACO Club founded by TJ Morris dba ACIR. TJ Morris Brand is owned by Theresa J Thurmond Morris. All Rights Reserved Internationally. TJ Morris Media News Publishing Agency, Comparative Linguistics in internet relations for literacy educational entertainment and truth and freedom of speech. American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris Ministries Education. USA

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