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What is an Social Paranormal Time Traveler Writer? By: TJTM aka Theresa and TJ Thurmond Morris I have recently been asked how to become a paranormal writer. There are many topics that are consi…ASCENSION AGE TRUTH IN BODY-MIND-SPIRIT AWAKENINGAuthor:Jan MorrisUploaded:Wed,20 Apr 2011Submitter:TJ MORRIS aka Theresa J Thurmond Morris
ACIR – ACE GUIDE of the Ascension Center Enlightenment Magazine. We are all now forming an alliance in this world of all the Ascension Lightworkers. We are sharing ET SPIRIT ORGANIZATION, ASCEN…Discovering Lightworkers Truth of Reinarnation Spirits of Atlantis, MuAuthor:TJ Thurmond MorrisUploaded:Sun,15 May 2011Submitter:TJ MORRIS aka Theresa J Thurmond Morris
ATLANTIA ORACLE OF THE PLANET EARTH We are beginning to comprehend the magical wizardry of the wonderland of our own space. We shall define what extraterrestrials are in the course and scope of …ET SPIRIT Portal of Transition aka White LightAuthor:TJ Thurmond MorrisUploaded:Tue,12 Apr 2011Submitter:TJ MORRIS
ET Spirit connection is possible for all humanoids of the future. We who are the Lightworkers and bringers of light into this world are allowed to share our past, present and future in a way that i…ET For Spirit GuidesAuthor:Theresa J Thurmond MorrisUploaded:Wed,30 Mar 2011Submitter:TJ Morris
There are many of us who have worked around the government, which has had concerns of aliens, UFOs, Ets, Ebens, and now even Exopolitical groups who desire to have a full disclosure made open to the g…Light Being Angel Entity visited me at 11 11 1-28-12 TJAuthor:TJ MorrisUploaded:Sun,29 Jan 2012Submitter:Theresa J Morris
ALIEN ANGEL OF LIGHT by TJ ASCENSION AGE LIGHTWORKERS Amazing stuff is happening even for me the one who is called an Avatar Ascended Ascension Master. Wonders never cease while we are in the body…Home : Online Shop : Contact TheSpiritGuides : Mission Statement : Advertise with Us : Link To Us : DisclaimerMain Site  :  Social Network
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